One on One Personal Training – All our sessions are tailored to help you achieve your fitness goals. Sessions are either 1/2hr, 45min or 1hr in duration and we don’t charge extra if you bring someone with you (this is only available in the 1hr sessions).  Appointments are essential

Group PT – We cap these sessions to 6 participants.  An intense 1/2hr workout designed to meet almost anyone’s lifestyle. Sessions are on Monday – Thursday 6pm – 9pm , Wednesday mornings 6am & 6.30am and Friday 5.30pm 6pm and 6.30pm. Appointments are essential

Bootcamp – Our 6am  & 9.30am Bootcamp (Tuesday & Thursday) sessions help kick start your day and prepares you to take on the toughest of days. Saturday sessions at 6.30am & 8.30am ignites your weekend warrior.

Boxing – An all over workout to bring out the best in you. Wednesday’s 9.30am and Friday’s 7pm.

Circuit – combining a variety of machines and other activities to tone the whole body. Kick start your day 6am both Monday and Friday’s

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