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Online Sessions – Information Sheet – in response to COVID-19


To provide the equivalent of our Group Personal Training (GPT), Bootcamp, Circuit and Personal Training 1 on 1 programs using the App “ZOOM” to deliver these sessions remotely.

How it works

  1. Download the app via iTunes or equivalent
  2. Register your interest – complete relevant paperwork and return
  3. Book session days / times
  4. Pay via bank transfer
  5. Prepare your workout area
  6. Have your device ready to connect
  7. Attend your session(s)

The aim is to provide all of our existing client’s first preference to days / times. We will be offering similar time slots as per our usual timetable for Bootcamp, GPT, Circuit and Personal Training. There will be some exceptions, a full timetable is listed below.

Workout formats are as follows; all workouts include warm up and stretches at the end of each session. As always each session will be different.

GPT – low to high intensity tailored to individual fitness level (as per our normal program) – initially capped to six (6) participants – exceptions will be made based on the experience of each participant in each group – duration thirty (30) minutes

Bootcamp – High intensity – each participant does the same workout – unlimited number of participants – duration fifty five (55) minutes

Circuit – Medium to high intensity – each person does the same workout with modifications – unlimited number of participants – duration forty five (45) minutes



Personal Training 1 on 1 – low to high intensity tailored to individual fitness level (as per our normal program) – duration thirty (30) , option to go to sixty (60) minutes (conditions apply)


GPTMonday – Thursday From 5.30pm – 8.25pm check our current timetable for more information  Wednesday 6am, 6.35am – the extra 5 minutes in-between sessions allows connections from one session to the next – times are subject to change without notice

BootcampTuesday 6am Thursday 9.30am Saturday 8.30am

CircuitMonday & Friday 6am

Personal Training 1 on 1 – as per availability and existing bookings

Cancellation of session is a minimum of 4 hours prior to the start of a session block – any less, then your session must be paid for in full

Payment details: All payments to be made via direct deposit to our bank account


Frequently asked questions

  1. What about the sessions I have already paid for – You are welcome to use them –they will equal the session value of our online program
  2. Can I find out how many sessions I have left – yes we have access to our database
  3. What if I don’t like the online sessions can I get a refund – yes or you can transfer them to someone else
  4. What happens if I can’t attend a session at short notice or less than 2 hours’ notice – your session is then forfeited and one of your paid sessions is used – in the event you have no sessions left you will need to pay for the missed session prior to attending your next session (extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration)
  5. What happens if I’m late to a group session –  we will allow a window of two (2) minutes, post that time you will forfeit your session and full payment is expected


  1. Why is it critical not to be late to a group session – warm ups are all done together and to ensure you’re ready for the workout that’s been planned for you. It can also be disruptive to the other participants and take up valuable communication time
  2. Can one of my family members join in on my session – yes if they have registered and paid for the session
  3. What happens if technology doesn’t work during my session time – we will either reschedule the session or add a credit to your account if we can’t use another platform
  4. What equipment will I need – a list will be sent to you upon registration – all equipment will be things that you will have at home – there is no need to buy / hire any gym equipment
  5. If my circumstances change can I cancel my booked sessions – yes of course
  6. Are these sessions available to everyone, I’ve seen live workouts on Facebook Our sessions are private – only the clients in your group (hopefully the regulars you always train with) will be able to see you. Note, everyone will be doing their own thing as per normal so no real time to be watching others
  7. Can my kids be in the same room that I’m doing my workout – yes as long as you can do your workout without causing an injury to them or you and they are not being disruptive or causing distractions to the other participants in your session
  8. What happens if all the sessions are full – then we will add more session times
  9. Will the online sessions continue post COVID-19 lockdown – Yes – it looks like our online programs are here to stay
  10. Can I put my online sessions on hold, will I lose a session if I can’t attend and give 4 hrs notice – yes you can place your online sessions on hold and no you don’t lose your session should 4 hrs notice be given
  11. Why is there a 4hr cancellation policy for group sessions when there normally isn’t one when the studio is open – The workload of accepting invites and running sessions to schedule is paramount to the success of the online workouts. There are also considerations to OH&S to each participant that don’t apply face to face but do online, especially during the warm up stage. If we are also given sufficient notice we can offer the spot to another person
  12. Will music be played during the sessions – no as it may be too distracting – you are welcome to play your own music however it shouldn’t be audible to the other participants
  13. What happens if there are multiple participants in my family – as long as you have room to all work out together one device connection is fine, alternatively you may have to connect individually from different rooms
  14. What happens if I hurt myself during the online sessions am I covered by insurance – you will waiver any injury that occurs in your own space which excludes Vo2 Express of all public liability (we can’t control your environment) however you will be covered by public indemnity ( our programing / advice) as per usual
  15. What happens if I can’t do the required exercises – there will be plenty of options given to you as per normal and we will modify sessions as required (live)
  16. Do you expect things to go wrong – yes especially when working with technology, though we haven’t had too many to date – I even expect my dog to wonder what’s going on – he may even give the occasional bark hello at the 6am sessions