Vo2 Express was established in 2008 and primarily provides personalised fitness programs to the general community through structured exercise programs. These programs are delivered face to face and online.

Vo2 Express also provides ‘Consulting’ to a range of different business’ covering a range of different topics.

The Vo2 Express ‘Consulting program’ was established in 2015, after Tailored Fitness Systems a company affiliated with Vo2 Express was closed. We now combine over twenty years of experience in providing business consulting, systems implementation and training services.

Our clients have covered a broad spectrum within the Health and Fitness Industry including; private owner operated clubs, large chains, registered clubs, local authority leisure centres, and personal training studios. We also deliver fitness seminars to schools and business’.

The Vo2 Express ‘Consulting program’ prides itself in the flexibility of its training techniques, ongoing support,systems and innovative approach to training.

The Vo2 Express ‘Consulting program’ provides comprehensive and tailored measurement systems, covering every aspect of your Business. Professional, tailored procedural and technique training for all of your staff, including ongoing strategic support for your Business.

Some Services provided include

 Effective Sales Techniques
 Recruitment Services
 Professional Staff Training for Management
 Ongoing Support to Maximise Success
 Conflict management workshops
 Team building workshops
 Goal setting strategies
 Being active in lockdown – COVID-19
 Health and welling workshops

All sessions are tailored to suit the needs of each individual business.

Our clients have repeatedly provided positive feedback from our sessions and highlighting how the sessions have positively impacted their businesses.

We want to empower your staff to exceed, both their own expectations and that of your client’s / customer’s. We do this by providing a professional service that achieves maximum results.

The Vo2 Express ‘Consulting program’ is committed to growing your business, retaining members and staff by providing you with the best service and training.

Our Success Depends On Your Success.

Key Presenter

Daniel Fabien

With over twenty five years’ experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, Daniel has been invited on numerous occasions to present at Industry conferences including the Aqua Summit and the Aquatic and Recreation Conference. Daniel continues to work in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, business owner and Business Consultant. This enables Daniel to see first-hand what is successful and what isn’t.
Over the past twelve years, Daniel has focused his energy within the Health and Fitness Industry assisting a range of different businesses across both Melbourne and Sydney reach their full potential. During this time Daniel has successfully opened two businesses from start up including an online branch during COVID-19.
His experience and enthusiasm bring training programs to life and his passion for training will ensure maximum results are achieved.

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