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Group PT

Fun, Fitness, results

Personal Training

Tailored programs, one on one, results


Variety, Indoors, results

"Looking After You"

It's what we do


Intense but fun


Early morning invigoration

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Bootcamp runs all year round, sessions are both indoors and outdoors.

Tuesday & Thursday 6am & 9.30am

Saturday 6.30am & 8.30am

So what are the options? You can either attend 3 , 2 or 1 session(s) per week.

3 sessions / week (15 sessions) = $270

2 sessions / week (10 sessions) = $180

1 session / week (5 sessions) = $90

We also allow make up sessions

Bring someone new to Vo2 Express and pre-pay for 5 weeks and we’ll give you both a 20% discount, when you both continue your ongoing discount will be 10%.

Full Payment is required prior to the first session starting

Casual attendance = $22 per session

 Timetable and prices are subject to change without prior notice